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Alpron puts real apple chips in its latest flavor of WPC protein powder

Alpron Apple Wpc

Around this time in June, we saw Japanese brand Alpron add another flavor to the menu of its straightforward protein powder WPC, named after its sole source in whey protein concentrate. That flavor was Banana featuring real banana chips in the supplement, and a month before that, we got Strawberry Milk featuring freeze-dried strawberries.

Here in August, Alpron is continuing its inclusion-filled fruity theme with another addition to WPC protein powder, and like Banana and Strawberry Milk, it is fruit-based with pieces thrown in. The latest flavor creation from the brand is Apple featuring apple chips throughout the product, which should make for an interesting experience as a protein-packed shake.

Alpron still puts a good amount of protein into each serving of its Apple WPC with 20g, alongside 1.2g of fat, a moderately high 6.2g of carbohydrates with almost no sugar, and 117 calories. The brand has only produced a limited amount of the product, and it is available now through its online store at 2,980¥ (22.48 USD) for a rather small 500g bag.