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Bodylab gives fans the chance try all flavors of Refresh free for a limited time

Amino Refresh Free Offer

European brand Bodylab kicked off the year with the launch of a more mainstream, anytime anywhere beverage in Refresh featuring BCAAs at a light 1.6g per can and a moderate 105mg of caffeine for energy. It’s not the brand’s first entry into the category of functional drinks; it also has Limitless, although that is more focus-driven and for gamers.

If you have yet to and want to try Bodylab’s Refresh, through until midnight tonight, the brand is giving those interested a very easy opportunity to do so. Directly from Bodylab’s online store, any order totaling more than 249DKK (34.21 USD) will get a free variety pack of Refresh, with two cans of each of the beverage’s three flavor options.

Basically, if you’re going to order from anyway, get in now, as it’ll get you several free cans of Refresh in its Sunny Lemon, Fruity Tropical, and Strawberry Lime flavors, and at such a low minimum, it doesn’t take much to qualify.

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