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Project Muscle Series expands even further with a GDA priced under $30

Anabolic Warfare Project Gda

Alongside the launch of its liver health supplement Project Liver Support under its extensive and advanced muscle-building Project Muscle Series, Anabolic Warfare has added yet another entry to the collection. Project GDA is the latest in the line, and as you could probably guess by the name, it is indeed a GDA or glucose disposal agent, designed to help your body make better use of carbohydrates.

There are several benefits to a glucose disposal agent like Project GDA, with the improved nutrient absorption resulting in enhanced energy, performance, pumps, recovery, and weight management. The cost of Anabolic Warfare’s competitor in the specialized category isn’t that high, at least compared to others out there, so not surprisingly, the ingredients and dosages in it aren’t as robust as we’ve seen.

Anabolic Warfare Project Gda Label

A full-size bottle of Anabolic Warfare’s Project Muscle Series Project GDA is $25.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, and as mentioned, that is well below some of the other reputable supplements in the category like Performax Labs’ SlinMax and Chemix’s GDA. Again, that is reflected in the formula of Project GDA, with the complete combination of ingredients making up that formula listed in the fully transparent facts panel above.

Anabolic Warfare packs all of the ingredients in Project GDA in a three capsule serving, with half a gram of gymnema, a respectable 300mg of cinnamon, 60mg of banaba, and 200mg of berberine. Those are the highlights and more commonly seen ingredients in this type of product, and a few of them are a bit lower than the competition; SlinMax, for example, has five times the banaba and double the gymnema.