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Fast-growing Boba Tea Protein releases another flavor and sells out in 4 minutes

Boba Tea Protein Honeydew Milk Tea

Boba Tea Protein is a relatively young and growing sports nutrition brand that specializes in protein powder, although its approach to the highly competitive category is far from typical. True to its name, Boba Tea Protein makes protein powders based on familiar flavors of boba tea, also known as bubble tea, making for a genuinely unique protein shake experience and very different from your traditional chocolate and vanilla.

The up-and-coming supplement company has two types of protein powder available, one featuring a grass-fed whey isolate base and the other is vegan-friendly, with pea and pumpkin seed protein as its sources. Some of the creative and intriguing flavors the brand has in its lineup include Thai Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, Matcha Latte, and Classic Milk Tea, all with lean macros, real ingredients, and naturally sweetened.

Last weekend, Boba Tea Protein expanded its family of protein powders once again with a fresh new Honeydew Milk Tea flavor of its premium grass-fed whey protein made with honeydew powder. If you head to the brand’s website now, you’ll see it has already sold out; in fact, it sold through all of its stock in just four minutes but is taking pre-orders for when the Honeydew Milk Tea protein powder returns in a month or so.

Boba Tea Protein is clearly finding great success with its rare and alternative flavor approach to the saturated protein powder space, with undoubtedly plenty more creative efforts still to come. You can find out more about the brand and its supplements through its website; although, unfortunately, you can’t currently purchase any of its protein powders, as a reflection of its popularity, everything is impressively sold out.