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ZOA’s flagship energy drink is getting its first limited edition flavor

Cherry Limeade Zoa Energy Drink

Following news of ZOA’s first-ever special edition collaboration, with a series of cans themed around and featuring The Rock as Black Adam, we have details of another first from the beverage brand. Sometime soon, ZOA is coming out with a limited-time flavor, something we have yet to see from the company, and it’s for its flagship zero-sugar energy drink.

There are currently five flavors available for the ZOA energy drink in White Peach, Super Berry, Wild Orange, Tropical Punch, and Original, all of which are ongoing options. Joining that menu shortly is a limited edition Cherry Limeade, and to help it stand out, it is being branded separately from the others in a flavor-matching mix of cherry red and lime green.

You can get a glimpse of the upcoming Cherry Limeade ZOA energy drink in the image above, and another point worth mentioning is it’s previewed in the beverage’s smaller 12oz can, not the standard 16oz. That version has the same key ingredients like BCAAs, electrolytes, and natural caffeine, although instead of getting 160mg of caffeine, the 12oz has 120.

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