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Glaxon restocks its Tiger’s Blood Series and adds Specimen Max to it

Glaxon Tigers Blood Specimen Max

Our Brand Of The Year for 2021, Glaxon, recently released its first-ever flavor series, where it put together a tasty new Tiger’s Blood flavor for four separate supplements in Specimen, Plasm Surge, Xeno Amino, and Tranquility. Each of the products featured an eye-catching alternative label design, different from their respective other flavors and similar to one another to keep the fact that it’s a flavor series evident and obvious.

Glaxon has just restocked its Tiger’s Blood flavor series for all of the supplements through its online store, where each of them will cost you the same $49.99 for a full-size tub. Along with the restock, the reputable and reliable brand has snuck in a little something extra. Glaxon has actually added to its Tiger’s Blood collection, with the pre-workout Specimen Max, also now available in the flavor and dressed in a matching alternative label design.

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