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Glitch and YouTuber BasicallyIDoWork create a special edition Sour Wrkmelon flavor

Glitch X Basicallyidowork Sour Wrkmelon

Gaming brand Glitch has done a few collaborations over the years, the most recent of which saw it team up with gamer Wildcat for the second time in a Wildcherry Squeeze flavor of Energy Matrix and Hydration Matrix. News has surfaced on yet another Glitch partnership, this time, it’s with YouTuber Marcel Cunningham, better known by his handle BasicallyIDoWrk.

Glitch and BasicallyIDoWrk have come together for a similar collaboration to what the gaming supplement company recently did with Wildcat in a special edition flavor for both Energy Matrix and Hydration Matrix. That flavor is BasicallyIDoWrk’s Sour Wrkmelon, and as you can see above, it has been spotted for both of Glitch’s products alongside a purple Wrk-branded shaker bottle.

At the moment, the three Glitch and BasicallyIDoWrk collaboration items are only listed at, not available, but by the looks of things, they’ll be purchasable soon. That online listing actually confirms you will be able to get the special edition Sour Wrkmelon Energy Matrix and Hydration Matrix, and the Wrk shaker all together in a discounted bundle at $85.45.

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