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HTLT makes a potentially ongoing coupon code to save you 10% on everything

Htlt Coupon Code

While we see a lot of completely new supplements, flavor extensions, and spin-offs from Greg Doucette’s fast-growing brand HTLT, we don’t often see sales or discounts. To be fair, for all of its sports nutrition products, it has bulk options available; for example, the recently relaunched Ecdy Builder, originally named Turk Builder, you can get a single bottle at $39.99, three for $33.33 each, or buy a five-packed at $30 a piece.

In line with the debut of its more premium and advanced testosterone booster G Test, HTLT has put together a coupon that gets you 10% off everything, from single bottles of supplements to those already discounted bulk options. The code is “GREG”, and we’re not sure if it’s ongoing, but no end date has been mentioned. Once again, we don’t often see coupons like this from HTLT, so it’s worth making use of it while you can.

Just to give you an idea of how much the website-exclusive code “GREG” can save you, that 10% drops Ecdy Builder — originally Turk Builder — from $39.99 down to $35.99 or $26.99 in that five-bottle bundle. The brand’s premium testosterone booster G Test also gets some good savings, falling all the way to $40.49 if you grab its largest bulk pack of three full-size bottles.

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