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HTLT changes the name of its ecdysteroid product Turk Builder to Ecdy Builder

Htlt Ecdy Builder

Following the turkesterone testing from Nootropics Depot on Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone and HTLT’s Turk Builder, Greg Doucette came out with his own testing showing the supplement had 23.5% to 26.6% ecdysteroids. He explained that the label of Turk Builder says it has 500mg of ajuga turkestanica per serving, but that is not standardized to any specific amount of turkesterone, but 10% of total ecdysteroids.

Greg Doucette brought to light an interesting point about HTLT’s Turk Builder and its standardization, although the name of the muscle-building supplement still sounded like a turkesterone-based formula, at least to us. HTLT has since come out and changed the look and name of Turk Builder, switching it to Ecdy Builder, something clearly more fitting since it is intended to be an ecdysteroid product, not turkesterone.

Htlt Ecdy Builder Label

HTLT’s Ecdy Builder has all of the same ingredients and dosages as the original Turk Builder, with half a gram of ajuga turkestanica and 100mg of ashwagandha in each of its 60 capsules a bottle. The brand has also made the standardization of the ajuga turkestanica a little clearer; now, instead of reading “extract 10%” it says “min. 10% ecdysteroids”.

Basically, Ecdy Builder is Turk Builder; HTLT has simply made a few tweaks to what’s on the supplement’s label, in line with Greg Doucette’s response to the test results shared by Nootropics Depot. Ecdy Builder has all of the same prices as Turk Builder, with a single bottle of 60 capsules at $39.99, dropping to $33.33 a bottle when buying three, then going all the way down to $30 when getting the bulk five pack.