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HTLT puts another one of G Test’s main ingredients into a standalone supplement

Htlt Tongkat Ali

HTLT has been rampaging through 2022, revealing and releasing several supplements and flavors, something we won’t need to remind you about if you’ve been following Stack3d for at least a month. Last week was a particularly busy time as Greg Doucette’s brand dropped a new flavor of Casein+Whey, relaunched Turk Builder as Ecdy Builder, released the standalone Ashwagandha, and introduced a more advanced test booster.

HTLT is closing out August with one more product, similar to the ingredient named Ashwagandha we saw last week, as it is another standalone supplement. Now available over on the brand’s website is Tongkat Ali, featuring only the ingredient in its title. Tongkat ali, often referred to as longjack, is a common compound in testosterone boosters and is dosed at an impressive 400mg per two-capsule serving in HTLT’s product.

Due to the simplicity, HTLT Tongkat Ali is not that expensive, with a bottle of 45 servings costing $17.99, and as per usual, the brand has bulk options with three bottles at $16 a piece and a five-pack at $13 each. It is worth noting that HTLT’s recently released testosterone booster G Test does have longjack in it at the same dose as a full serving of Tongkat Ali, so if you were looking at G Test, it wouldn’t be worth stacking it with this.

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