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Orgain gets ready to join in the fun with the return of Pumpkin Spice Organic Protein

Orgain Pumpkin Spice Organic Protein

The popular and completely organic nutrition brand Orgain has announced that very soon, it’ll be joining in on the fun of the fall season and bringing back what it cheekily refers to as a “fall-miliar favorite”. Around this time in previous years, the company rolls out a Pumpkin Spice flavor of its flagship, plant-based protein powder Organic Protein, and it is that product Orgain is getting ready to release once again.

You can get a glimpse of the returning flavor of Orgain’s Organic Protein in the image above, which will feature the same label design as it had in 2021. As you’d expect, the product aims to deliver an authentic pumpkin spice flavor experience with the clean nutrition of a protein shake. Each serving of Orgain’s Pumpkin Spice has 21g of plant-powered protein, a hefty 16g of carbohydrates, 5g of fat, and 170 calories.

Orgain has not launched its returning Pumpkin Spice Organic Protein yet, only saying that it’ll be available shortly for another limited time, and you can sign up to an email list on its website to be notified as soon as the product becomes available.

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