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Pandy teams up with Ursäkta Live for a special edition bag of star-shaped candy

Pandy X Ursakta Star Candy

Before this year, we hadn’t seen any sort of collaboration from the functional company Pandy, known for its sweet and tasty, low-sugar candy. Over the past few months, that has all changed, as we’ve seen it get together with Himmelsö and its Swedish Fika Series, YouTuber Klara Elvgren for her own Cherry By Klara candy, and now the creative company is teaming up with a comedy duo.

Pandy and Ursäkta Live have partnered for a special edition bag of delicious low-sugar, star-shaped candy with three different flavors of stars in every bag; watermelon, peach, and blueberry. Ursäkta Live is a live event currently on in Sweden from Johanna Nordström and Edvin Törnblom, described as a tribute to musical superstars of this century, including Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.

Ursäkta Live obviously fits with the shape of Pandy’s special edition candy, and to further enforce the collaboration, Johanna Nordström, and Edvin Törnblom are pictured on the front of the product, as you can see in the image above. The brand is launching the candy on Tuesday of next week through its online store, and it comes in a slightly larger 100g bag that’ll cost 35 SEK (3.44 USD) each.

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