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Axe and Sledge co-founder and lead formulator launches Project #1 Nutrition

Project 1 Nutrition

The sports nutrition industry welcomes new brands to the space every week. Sometimes it’s brands from individuals with little experience, and sometimes it’s the opposite with veterans introducing an all-new line. Project #1 Nutrition is the latter, being a fresh new supplement company from Patrick Williams, one of the experienced co-founders and lead formulators of Axe and Sledge.

Project #1 Nutrition has hit the market with four different products; two of them are pre-workouts, one is a fat burner, and the other is a simple standalone supplement. The formulas powering each of the products are packed full of reliable ingredients and respectable dosages, which is great to see and, of course, expected when you have a brand backed by as much as experience as it does.

Quantum-X and AMP-NOX

We always say judging a newcomer’s pre-workout is a good way to gauge the quality and style of a brand, and Project #1 Nutrition does not disappoint. It has two pre-workouts right out of the gate in the stimulant-powered Quantum-X and the stimulant-free AMP-NOX, and while the latter is without the always enjoyable energy kick, it’s still built for a variety of benefits and effects.

Project 1 Quantum X Label

You can see the facts panel for Project #1 Nutrition’s Quantum-X pre-workout in the image above, where the attention is clearly on delivering an intense energy and focus experience. It has a solid 400mg of high-powered caffeine for energy, 500mg of choline bitartrate and 200mg of alpha-GPC for focus, and also beta-alanine and betaine for performance and endurance.

Project 1 Amp Nox Label

As for Project #1 Nutrition’s AMP-NOX, you can see that supplement’s facts panel below, and as mentioned, it is stimulant-free but still fairly comprehensive. It features ingredients for pumps, strength, mental focus, and performance, and its maximum serving certainly has highlights. In a two-scoop serving, AMP-NOX provides 2.4g of beta-alanine, 5g of pure citrulline, and a gram of tyrosine.

Powerhouse stack

Like most brands that have two pre-workouts — stimulant and stimulant-free — Quantum-X and AMP-NOX can be stacked together for a powerhouse performance in the gym. While separately, each of the Project #1 Nutrition products has what they need to deliver on their promises, together, they give you that more premium level pre-workout combining for 5.6g of beta-alanine, and elevated focus from choline, alpha-GPC, and tyrosine.

Where to buy

You can find out more about the Project #1 Nutrition through its website, with all four of its supplements also in stock and available to purchase direct. The products have reasonable prices, with Quantum-X at $39.95 for 30 servings, AMP-NOX at $44.95 with 20 full servings, $32.95 for the fat burner Embrax, and the bulk standalone creatine is obviously a bit lower than all of them at $27.95.