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Quamtrax turns traditional sauces into industry-first low-calorie sauces

Quamtrax Oh My Sauce And Syrup

What we refer to as the Oh! My Series from Quamtrax Nutrition in Spain, is a family of functional products, including the likes of the high-protein Oh! My Bar and the hybrid muesli cereal Oh! My Breakfast. The fairly busy brand is expanding the collection this month with a couple of common functional items, and you could probably guess what they are based on their names in Oh! My Syrup and Oh! My Sauce.

The latest Oh! My Series products from Quamtrax Nutrition are low-calorie syrups and sauces with no added sugar and are available in a few flavors each. The options for Oh! My Syrup are pretty interesting with Condensed Milk and what we presume to be a Kit-Kat-inspired, FitKat. Oh! My Sauce’s menu is also unique with the spice-filled Indian and two tastes that need a bit more explaining in Canary Mojo and Brava.

Both Canary Mojo and Brava are popular sauces in Quamtrax Nutrition’s home country of Spain; Canary Mojo is a red pepper sauce specifically from the Canary Islands made with peppers, olive oil, vinegar, and garlic, and Brava is a type of tomato salsa made with smoked paprika. The brand’s intriguing new condiments, as mentioned, are all low in calories and are out now in Europe in bottles of 320mls.