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Chocolate and marshmallow-flavored ProPud Milkshake hitting shelves for a limited time

Rocky Road Propud Protein Milkshake

Sweden’s NJIE and its delicious family of protein-packed foods, ProPud, was recently in the news with an extremely intriguing new option for its ProPud Protein Bar. The flavor is named Crunchy Popcorn, featuring a blend of vanilla, roasted corn kernels, and milk chocolate. The brand has squeezed in one more piece of excitement before the end of the week with a refreshing new taste for another ProPud product.

Rolling out to stores and stockists across Sweden shortly is one of our favorite flavors, but one we rarely see in sports nutrition supplements and functional foods, with a Rocky Road ProPud Milkshake. It has all of the same great nutrition as the handful of other flavors of the on-the-go product, including a solid 20g of protein, no added sugar, reasonable carbohydrates and calories, and all in a milkshake-like beverage.

The only catch with NJIE’s Rocky Road ProPud Protein Milkshake is that it’s only going to be available for a limited time, so if you see it on shelves, be sure to grab it while you can and if you like it, be sure to stock up.

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