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Trained By JP finds room for another protein powder featuring an isolate blend

Trained By Jp Performance Isolate

Jordan Peters’ brand Trained By JP Nutrition has a massive amount of protein powders available, each with its own purpose and point of difference. There is the straightforward whey concentrate-powered JP Whey, the premium whey isolate-based JP Whey ISO, the blend style Performance Protein, the plant-based Vegan Protein, and now Performance Isolate, which is sort of a mix of two of those others.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s Performance Isolate is a premium, lean, and fast-absorbing whey isolate protein powder, like JP Whey ISO, but also a blend-style supplement like Performance Protein. The formula behind the product is a combination of two isolates in standard whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey isolate, providing a solid amount of protein, and obviously, with only isolate sources, we suspect its other macros are low.

The UK sports nutrition company is releasing the supplement later this week on Thursday, at which point you’ll be able to grab it directly from Trained By JP Nutrition’s online store in several flavors, including Caramel Fudge, Banana Caramel, and Chocolate Caramel.