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Trec infuses its fan-favorite CM3 with HMB for a more complex spin-off

Trec Nutrition Cm3 Hmb Fusion

CM3 is Trec Nutrition’s creatine-based muscle-building supplement featuring 6.65g of tri-creatine malate in every serving providing just shy of 5g of total creatine at 4.988g. The brand also offers a slightly more advanced version with Gold Core CM3, combining tri-creatine malate and a gram of performance-supporting beta-alanine, and now alongside both of those, is CM3 HMB Fusion, another more complex spin-off.

Trec Nutrition’s CM3 HMB Fusion explains what separates itself from the regular CM3 and hybrid Gold Core CM3 in its name, as it is indeed a combination of tri-creatine malate and the leucine metabolite HMB. CM3 HMB Fusion comes in capsule form, and in each of its eight capsule servings, you get 5g of tri-creatine malate, providing 3.75g of actual creatine, and 1.6g of CaHMB, providing precisely 1.312g of total HMB.

The Europe-based Trec Nutrition has quite a variety of sports nutrition supplements, similar to others that have been around for some time in the region. CM3 HMB Fusion is an appropriate expansion to that lineup, especially since CM3 is one of its longer-running products, and it is a nice alternative for fans of the muscle strength and size supplement that may want to try CM3 with a more advanced approach.