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First limited-time flavor of ZOA goes live direct and on Amazon

Where To Buy Cherry Limeade Zoa Energy Drink

The last several weeks have been filled with fun and excitement for fans and followers of The Rock’s energy drink brand ZOA. First, we got word of a special edition collaboration between ZOA and the upcoming superhero film Black Adam. Then last week, word came in on the brand’s first-ever limited edition flavor, with the alternatively colored Cherry Limeade.

As mentioned, it’s been a fun-filled past few weeks, and it continues today as the limited-time Cherry Limeade flavor of the flagship ZOA energy drink is now available for purchase, just a short time after it was revealed. You can head to one of two places to get your hands on the product, both selling it for the same price and with all of the same features in the can.

Those interested in trying the limited edition Cherry Limeade ZOA energy drink can visit the brand’s online store at or the online giant Amazon. The two locations have the product in stock and available at $24.99 for a case of12 cans and keep in mind this is ZOA’s smaller 12oz can with 120mg of natural caffeine, not the standard 16oz with 160mg.

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