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CognatiQ confirmed for ADVANCEDgg’s long-awaited energy drink

Advancedgg Premium Energy Drink

Details on ADVANCEDgg’s energy drink have dripped in since the first mention of it over half a year ago in March when the gaming supplement company teased it would be coming out with a premium energy beverage. Then, only last month did we get a much better look at the product, confirming it is indeed a carbonated energy drink coming in a slim and sleek 12oz can, as opposed to the standard 16oz.

As we get into the second half of September, ADVANCEDgg has shared a lot more information about its long-awaited beverage, although still not the entire story or a way to purchase the product. Firstly, the brand refers to the upcoming release as the ADVANCEDgg Premium Energy drink, and it’ll feature zero sugar, natural caffeine for energy, and the premium focus ingredient CognatiQ, previously named NeuroFactor.

Another key piece of information shared for the ADVANCEDgg Premium Energy drink is the flavors it’ll be launching in, of which there will be three, in Original, Electric Frost Berry, and Cherry Limeade. While the gaming brand has not made its beverage available for purchase, you can head to its website and sign up to be notified as soon as it launches, and by the sounds of things, that is probably happening shortly.