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Apollon improves its already powerhouse nootropic for Overtime V4

Apollon Nutrition Overtime V4

Overtime is one of Apollon Nutrition’s longer-running and more known supplements. It is a powerhouse nootropic product that we’ve experienced two versions of, and in both, it delivered elevated energy and incredibly enhanced focus, even at half a serving. The hardcore sports nutrition brand is having one hell of a year and is now getting ready to release another iteration of Overtime, further improving the experience.


Apollon Nutrition’s goal with Overtime is obvious by simply looking at the formula or taking it. The brand has built the supplement to support energy, concentration, cognition, and clarity for whatever your task may be, whether it’s exercise, work, study, gaming, or day-to-day productivity. That continues to be the case in the fourth version of Overtime, which you can see the packed-out and fully transparent facts panel of below.

Improved formula

Some key changes Apollon Nutrition has made from the previous iteration to what is referred to as Overtime V4, is more eria jarensis, going up to 350mg, 33% more of the focus-supporting alpha-GPC at a sizeable 800mg, and two new components in 50mg of KannaEase and 300mg of bacopa, similar to the gaming marketed supplement Universal Soldier.

Apollon Nutrition Overtime V4 Label

The only other difference from Overtime V3 to Overtime V4 is Apollon Nutrition has removed hordenine, with everything else the same, including 300mg of rhodiola, a hefty 2g of tyrosine, 100mg of premium CoffeeBerry, 30mg of Noopept, and a combined 500mg of caffeine. Basically, the only loss is hordenine, and the hardcore company has more than made up for that with the increases and additions for a better overall product.

Launch details

Apollon Nutrition’s new and improved Overtime is going to be available starting this coming Friday through the brand’s official online store at It’ll have the same 20 full servings per bottle or 40 if you’re like us and prefer a slightly toned down but still very effective experience from half a serving. Also, despite all the improvements the brand has made, Overtime V4 will cost the same as V3 at $59.95.