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Bombbar continues to grow the menu of its energy drink pushing it to a total of ten

Cherry Passionfruit Bombbar Energy

The always busy brand Bombbar has added to its just over one-year-old energy drink, featuring a straightforward formula compared to some of the more advanced beverages we’ve seen recently. The simply named Bombbar Energy comes with taurine, carnitine, a blend of B vitamins, guarana, and of course, a nice dose of caffeine at 125mg for an anytime boost in energy.

Bombbar launched the product in four flavors and has added three more to its menu since then, with the most recent extensions being Cola and Pomegranate, released a the end of last year. Extending that selection to an impressive total of ten this month are more intriguing and common tastes with Cherry, Passionfruit, and something we rarely see for an energy drink in Champagne.

Bombbar has clearly done a great job growing the menu of its Bombbar Energy drink, going from a strong four flavors to ten in about a year and a half. As always, the place to go to get the latest from the Russian brand is its own online store at, where Cherry, Passionfruit, and Champagne are all in stock and available at a reasonable 140₽ (2.32 USD) for a single 500ml can.

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