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Lost and Found’s citrusy fourth flavor of its energy drink is now available

Lost And Found Orange Splash

Beverage brand Lost & Found is one of the most impressive newcomers to the energy drink space in some time, with its debut product having an addictively sweet and enjoyable taste, all with only ten calories. The product has three flavors to choose from in Cherry Lemonade, Blue Rush, and our favorite, Glacier Burst, although when they all officially launched two months ago, it came with the confirmation of another option.

For those that can remember, Lost & Found released Cherry Lemonade, Blue Rush, and Glacier Burst then quickly revealed a citrusy Orange Splash. Recently, that flavor became available and can now be purchased directly through the brand’s website. If the other three are anything to go by, Orange Splash will be on-point and enjoyable, and it’s only $29.99 for a case of 12 cans when shopping at