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Pandy improves its low sugar candy and makes the packaging more environmentally friendly

Pandy New And Improved Recipe

A few weeks ago, Pandy ran a clearance sale on almost every flavor of its signature low-sugar and low-calorie candy, discounting them to under $1 a bag or 10 SEK. The functional brand said it was making way for a new and improved version of the product, which has arrived this month with changes coming to Pandy’s flagship treat on the inside and out.

Interestingly if you have tried Pandy’s collaboration with the Swedish stage show Ursäkta Live, you will have already experienced the revamped recipe. The brand apparently used it first in that product, and now it’s been spread to the rest of its familiar flavors, such as Sweet Hearts, Watermelon, and Sour Cola. According to Pandy, the candy has a better texture or consistency alongside an enjoyable candy taste.

Pandy’s popular treat is still low in sugar and calories, and as mentioned, it has been changed on the outside as much as it has on the inside. By that, we mean the packaging has received some tweaks as well, with the bags being more environmentally friendly. They have a 40% lower carbon footprint, and Pandy has set up a program where it rewards fans for recycling the bags once you’re done with the candy inside.

If you head to Pandy’s direct-to-consumer online store servicing Sweden at you’ll find all of the brand’s better-for-you candy restocked and available for purchase in their new and improved versions. They obviously aren’t at their clearance prices anymore but are still reasonable at SEK 18 (1.67 USD) for a snack-sized bag of 50g of candy.

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