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Pandy is clearing out its current candy for something new and improved

Pandy Candy Clearance

Those of you with the ability to purchase directly from the Swedish functional food company Pandy may want to head to its online store before the end of the month, especially if you like its delicious low-sugar candy. The brand is discounting all of its regular flavors and variants of Pandy candy by almost 50%, dropping snack-sized 50g bags of the product from 18 SEK down to an impressively low 10 SEK (0.94 USD).

The reason behind the clearance-like sale is that Pandy is indeed trying to clear out the current stock of its Sweet Hearts, Watermelon, Sour Cola, Sweet Peach, Sour Fish, Fizzy Bottles, and the recent collaboration, Cherry By Klara. The brand is doing it to make way for something that’s apparently new and improved, which presumably means it’s relaunching its signature low-sugar candy with a better formula and experience.

The current version of Pandy candy is already pretty good, even more so compared to the few competitors that are out there. Basically, fans of the functional food company can not only save big on its tasty candy until Monday of next week, but they also appear to be getting an improved product in the near future.

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