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ProBrands’ candy bar-style Big Bite lands a Salted Caramel flavor

Probrands Salted Caramel Big Bite

ProBrands in Sweden is known for its healthy foods and protein snacks just as much as its variety of functional beverages, and this month it is adding another flavor to the edible side of its line. It is one of ProBrands bar-format products getting the flavor extension this time around, specifically its moderately sized 45g snack, Big Bite, with a respectable 16g of protein.

ProBrands does have plenty of functional foods on the market, but it’s not short on flavors for any of them, and Big Bite is an excellent example, with five options already available, including Peanut & Toffee and Birthday Cake. Making it six flavors for Big Bite is a classic combination in Salted Caramel, providing 16g of protein, 15g of carbohydrates, just 1.6g of sugar, and 183 calories.

The new, sweet, and salty Big Bite has the protein bar’s usual build of a thick base and a smoother flavorful layer across the top, all covered in crispy pieces and delicious chocolate. One of the first places stocking ProBrands’ Salted Caramel Big Bite is its retail partner Healthy & Fit, where you can buy the protein snack individually rather than boxes at 19 kr (1.82 USD) a piece.