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PEScience is bringing back Pumpkin Pie for its dairy and vegan Select Protein

Pumpkin Pie Select Plant Protein

Last year PEScience got in on the fun of the fall season, like many other sports nutrition brands, and released a special edition Pumpkin Pie flavor of its popular protein powder Select Protein. It was only intended to be around for a limited time, and for 2022, the reputable brand is looking to bring it back, although there is a bit more to its return than just Pumpkin Pie Select Protein being available again.

On Monday of next week, PEScience is relaunching Pumpkin Pie for Select Protein alongside a Pumpkin Pie flavor for one of its other Select Series supplements, in the vegan-friendly Select Plant Protein. According to the brand, the new Pumpkin Pie experience is similar to the regular Select Protein version, promising an authentic pumpkin pie experience with notes of pumpkin filling, whipped cream, and pie crust.

PEScience has only made one batch of Pumpkin Pie Select Protein and Pumpkin Pie Select Plant Protein, so when they go live, you’ll want to get in as soon as possible. A tub of Select Protein typically costs $36.99 through the brand’s online store, and Select Plant Protein is a little more than that at $39.99, although you can probably expect those prices to be discounted to celebrate the launch of the two.