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Raw relies on just seven ingredients for its whole food-based protein bar

Raw Whole Food Bar

Raw Nutrition has announced another functional food, and this time it is coming in the more traditional format of a bar. The Raw Whole Food Bar is due to launch to the public in about a week from today, on Wednesday the 28th of this month. The product will be pretty pricey compared to other protein-packed snacks on the market, arriving at $42.99 for a box of a dozen bars, working out to $3.58 a piece.

The upcoming Raw Whole Food Bar from Raw Nutrition is everything it says it is, being a convenient, on-the-go product made exclusively from whole food ingredients. The brand has kept the formula behind the clean and nutritious innovation impressively small at just seven ingredients. The recipe includes egg white for protein, non-fat milk powder, peanuts, dates, honey, peanuts, and cocoa powder.

Raw Whole Food Bar

The nutrition profile of the Raw Whole Food Bar is similar to the likes of the original peanut butter-based Outright Protein Bar, featuring mid-200s in calories and a moderate amount of protein at 13g in its Chocolate flavor and 14g in the Peanut Butter. The other macros are a high 37 to 38g of carbohydrates with 26 to 27g of that sugar, but none of it is added sugar, 7g of fat, and a calorie count of 260.

Raw Nutrition has done a solid job on the Raw Whole Food Bar, making it a genuinely transparent snack with a nutritious and straightforward set of ingredients. The nutrition profile does have more carbohydrates and slightly less protein than your typical bar format protein snack, but the product is extremely open and obvious, and once again, it’s all from that simple combination of seven whole food ingredients.