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Gaming giant Razer drops a line of fitness apparel although it is quite expensive

Razer Athleisure

A couple of years ago, gaming hardware giant Razer took its shot at the gaming supplement category with the stick pack product Razer Respawn. The brand has since expanded Respawn into more traditional tubs of powder and even created Respawn energy gum. The formula powering the Respawn supplement also isn’t all that impressive, combining B vitamins, choline, ginger, and a moderate 95mg of caffeine.

It was a major move by Razer to go from its comfort zone of gaming hardware and accessories into gaming supplements, although we would’ve liked to see a more advanced formula and maybe even other powder or capsule products to support gamers in more ways. Razer has just dropped something else that, like Respawn, is a little bit outside what we’re used to seeing from the brand in Razer Athleisure.

Razer Athleisure

The gaming giant has put together a collection of health and fitness apparel for its leagues of fans, but it is relatively expensive. You can get glimpses of the items in the line in the images above with a sports bra, tank, and leggings for women, and for men, a tee, tank, and shorts. Everything is branded in Razer’s signature black and green, with its logo and tagline “For Gamers, By Gamers” also heavily featured.

To give you an idea of how expensive the Razer Athleisure collection gets, all of the men’s pieces are $59.99 each, except the shorts are slightly more at $69.99, and all of the items for women are $79.99. As mentioned, that is some high-priced fitness apparel, and if you’re interested, you can grab any or all of it starting this week from Razer’s online store at, alongside its massive selection of hardware.

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