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Klout maintains Mamba’s high-stimulant focus for its new and improved version

Klout Mamba

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen some big announcements out of Klout with reveals and releases of two new and improved supplements; the nootropic pre-workout Karma and the amino cocktail Nero. As they say, good things come in threes, and that is the case here with Klout, which has shared everything about another revamped product in its more intense, high-stimulant pre-workout Mamba.

The refreshed formula powering Klout’s extreme Mamba pre-workout has some similarities to the recently reformulated Karma, although there are a few key ingredients that separate it for that more intense performance. Interestingly, while the primary goal of the supplement is stimulating energy and focus, the brand has included a couple of components to additionally support performance and muscle pumps.

Klout Mamba Label

We’ve got the facts panel for Klout’s all-new Mamba in the image above, including a full 3.2g of beta-alanine to support performance and endurance, and 1.5g of premium NO3-T nitrates to power better pumps, like Karma, breaking down into a gram of betaine nitrate and 500mg of sodium nitrate.

The rest of the ingredients and dosages Klout has squeezed into its Mamba pre-workout are for that intense experience, including 100mg of theobromine, 10mg of Thinkamine vincamine, and a solid half a gram dose of quality AlphaSize alpha-GPC. Caffeine is, of course, in there at a combined 400mg, 350mg anhydrous and 50mg di-caffeine malate, and it’s all topped off with the ever-present AstraGin at 25mg a serving to support and improve absorption.

As we’ve seen it do with the updated versions of Karma and Nero, Klout’s reformulated Mamba pre-workout is only going to be launching in just a few days following its reveal. You’ll be able to pick it up directly from the brand’s online store at $46 for a tub of 20 servings, the same value as the new Karma, making it nice and consistent for fans of the brand deciding between its two stimulant pre-workouts.