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Secret Society previews a high stim version of Go Mode less than a month after its debut

Secret Society Previews Go Mode X

Secret Society Supplements is the sports nutrition company that recently rebranded itself, originally known by the name Stryve Supplements. It also recently introduced its all-new, well-rounded stimulant pre-workout Go Mode, which is about to get a spin-off. Despite Go Mode only coming to market a little less than a month ago, the brand has announced a more intense, higher-stimulant alternative is about to be revealed.

Go Mode X is the upcoming product from Secret Society Supplements, and all we know right now is that, as mentioned, it packs more intense blend of stimulants than Go Mode for a more extreme experience in the gym. The regular Go Mode has 290mg of caffeine from two sources, so there is plenty of room to increase that, and it doesn’t have many other energizing ingredients, so it has space to expand in that direction too.

According to Secret Society Supplements, the upcoming Go Mode X is going to be available from the 17th of this month, which is exactly one week away from this Sunday. Being the new and growing brand it is, it’s exciting to see Secret Society expand its selection of products this quickly, even more so that it’s putting a lot of attention on the pre-workout category, one of, if not the most competitive category out there.