Transparent doubles the amount of flavors for Bulk Black in three months

Transparent Labs Orange Mango Bulk Black

When Transparent Labs brought back its originally limited edition, premium pre-workout Bulk Black, it did so in just the one flavor with Black Cherry, although one week later it got a second option in Blue Raspberry. Fast forward a few months, and the reputable brand has been busy, adding even more flavors to the menu of the advanced pre-workout and doubling it in size compared to what it was back in June.

There are now two other tastes to choose from for Transparent Labs’ Bulk Black pre-workout, with the already available Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry sitting alongside another classic in Peach Mango and a candy-themed Sour Gummy. Both of those options are available directly from the brand’s online store, where the product is a bit more expensive than when it first returned at $59.99 for a tub of 30 servings.