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Klout’s reworked nootropic pre-workout goes live in its online store

Where To Buy Klouts Revamped Karma Pre Workout

A few days ago, we shared everything you need to know about Klout’s revamped stimulant pre-workout Karma, and its move to become a more pump and focus-powering experience or, as the brand describes it, a nootropic pre-workout. The supplement brings together reliable and premium ingredients to support the intended benefits, including 1.6g of NooLVL for focus and cognition, and 1.5g of NO3-T nitrates for pumps.

Klout mentioned in the complete unveiling of the revamped nootropic pre-workout Karma, that the product itself would be going live on its website this week, and today it has gone ahead and done that. If you head over to the brand’s online store at, you’ll see Karma in stock and available for purchase at $46 for a tub of 20 full servings, and with three different flavors to choose from in Arctic Cherry, Poison Apple, and Juicy Burst.

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