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Classic 4+ Nutrition snack now has a zero sugar version that’s also much higher in protein

4 Plus Nutrition Walo Zero Sugar Bar

The fun and colorful 4+ Nutrition is one of our favorite Italian supplement companies, and it has one of the larger lineups in the continent of Europe. The sports nutrition giant brightly branded in yellow doesn’t limit itself to traditional formats and categories like powders and pre-workouts. 4+ has all sorts of products, including endurance gels, moderate protein and low sugar treats, and supplements specifically for football.

One of the many functional foods from 4+ Nutrition is its original Walo Bar, a uniquely hard yet crumbly and crunchy, sweet protein-packed bar available in some intriguing flavors like Almond and Amaretto. The brand has decided to spice things up with the Walo Bar this month and introduce the Walo Zero Sugar Bar, which is a similar sort of protein snack and experience, but as per the name, it doesn’t have any sugar.

4+ Nutrition’s Walo Zero Sugar Bar packs a hefty 25g of protein per 55g bar, working out to a protein percentage of 45%, much higher than that of the Walo Bar’s 36%. As mentioned, the product also has zero sugar, which is not the case in the standard version, making the Walo Zero Sugar Bar a lot more than just a spin-off without sugar; it’s also better in protein.

4+ Nutrition has quite a selection of flavors available for the Walo Bar, and as mentioned, many of those are pretty different and creative with the likes of White Coconut, Amaretto, and Dark Chocolate. The Walo Zero Sugar Bar does not have anywhere near as many tastes to choose from, although rightfully so, as it only recently hit the market, with two right out of the gate in a creamy Milk Chocolate and a classic Cookies.

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