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Hardcore legacy brand Animal is moving into Walmart locations

Animal At Walmart

Moving into sports nutrition retailers like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe is a major move, although expanding into the more mainstream stores like Costco, Target, and Walmart is even bigger. The original hardcore supplement company Animal has already had a standout year, introducing several new products like Alpha F, Beef Biltong, and the pre-workout Primal, and it’s undergone a complete rebrand.

Animal is closing out the year with one of those major moves we mentioned above, announcing that you’ll be seeing the legacy brand and its signature supplement on shelves in Walmart stores shortly. After proving itself on, Animal is expanding into physical locations, which will open up the brand to a completely new audience and make shopping for fans of Animal that little bit easier.

Animal has confirmed that its original hit multivitamin supplement Animal Pak, is going to be one of the first items to make it onto Walmart shelves, and it does stand out even next to the brand’s other products as it’s the only one with a yellow label design. As far as we know, the supplement will feature all of the same ingredients and dosages fans have come to rely on and have the same 44 packs per jar.