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Big comes out with an alternative to its Creapure-based Creabig

Big Creabig Creatine Monohydrate

Big in Spain recently released another fun and creative, authentic flavor collaboration, this time for its creatine supplement Creabig, where it teamed up with the familiar Kojak Cherry Fiesta lollipop. The brand is back with more news surrounding its creatine product Creabig although it’s not a flavor or anything but an alternative version as currently, the original Creabig is out of stock.

Big has put together what it describes as the most ideal replacement or alternative to the previous Creabig, which relied on premium Creapure creatine monohydrate. The product the brand has just rolled out has all of the same branding, promises the same benefits, and comes in almost all of the same flavors; however, it is regular creatine monohydrate from an IFS, BRC, and GMP-certified facility.

The other notable change is you do get less creatine per tub in Big’s standard Creabig; while the Creapure version weighs in at 250g, this one is 20% lighter at 200g. You can grab the strength and muscle-building supplement straight from the brand’s online store in four of the Creapure editions five options in Dark Blood Cola, Fresh Rocket, unflavored, and the authentic Kojak Candy.

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