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Reputable Controlled Labs tackles the increasingly popular hydration category

Controlled Labs Orange Hydrapush

Hydration has been the category to get into this year, with several sports nutrition brands, big and small, jumping on the trend with all sorts of formulas; simple, moderate, and advanced. Well-established Controlled Labs is one of the latest names to tackle the space with its completely new Hydrapush, built to improve and support hydration, performance, and recovery.

The combination of ingredients Controlled Labs has brought together for Hydrapush isn’t overly lengthy or extensive, with the focus mainly being on the hydration aspect rather than adding other components for additional benefits. The supplement features various vitamins, a variety of electrolytes, and half a gram each of taurine and coconut water, all in your choice of Sour Green Apple or Watermelon flavors.

Controlled Labs Orange Hydrapush Label

Controlled Labs has packed a fair amount of servings into Hydrapush with a total of 60, giving you room to double up, and to top it off, the price of the hydration-supporting product is very cost-effective. Hydrapush is available on Amazon at $24.99, although for a limited time, there is a coupon that can be applied for 30% off, dropping it all the way down to $17.50.