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Huge announces two themed flavors just a few days out from Halloween

Death Wish Wrecked Enraged Bloody Mango Wrecked

Halloween is only a few days away, four to be exact, although that isn’t stopping Huge Nutrition from getting in on the fun and releasing a special edition flavor for the occasion. The reliable, effective, and extensive brand has announced it’s put together not one, but two entirely new flavors themed around All Hallows’ Eve, and they’re for separate products.

Huge Nutrition’s Halloween edition items are a Bloody Mango flavor of its original stimulant pre-workout Wrecked and a flavor named Death Wish for the recently released, more intense pre-workout Wrecked Enraged. The brand is launching both of the limited-time items directly through its website at tomorrow at midday Eastern Time.

From what we know, Huge Nutrition’s Blood Mango Wrecked and Death Wish Wrecked Enraged pre-workouts will be available for each supplement’s usual price of $49.95 for Wrecked and $44.95 for Wrecked Enraged. There is also going to be a bundle that’ll get you both of the Halloween edition products at a combined, discounted price.