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Dedicated puts together one of its best Epic formulas yet for its 2022 version

Dedicated Nutrition 2022 Epic

Alongside the launch of its all-new Unstoppable pre-workout, featuring a less premium and more budget-friendly formula, Dedicated Nutrition has also released the latest iteration of its daily muscle builder Epic. Like Unstoppable, Epic has been in the European brand’s lineup for many years, bringing together a blend of ingredients intended to be taken daily to support muscle strength and size.

The familiar theme and benefits of Dedicated Nutrition’s Epic continue in the 2022 iteration, and so do its two main ingredients or types of ingredients, creatine and beta-alanine. The reputable brand has packed the newest version of Epic with 5g of creatine gluconate and a reliable 3.2g of beta-alanine, together supporting strength, power, performance, and endurance.

Dedicated Nutrition 2022 Epic Label

The formula in Dedicated Nutrition’s muscle-building Epic, of course, doesn’t end there. As in previous takes of the supplement, there are several other components in the mix to support the muscle strength and size goals. This time around, the creatine and beta-alanine are alongside a huge 4g of betaine, 2g of taurine, 300mg of grape seed, half a gram of the clinically studied WATTS’UP for more performance and power, and lastly, AstraGin to enhance absorption.

While Dedicated Nutrition has changed the approach of Unstoppable in its latest version, that is not the case with Epic; in fact, this is arguable one of its most complete formula we’ve seen. You can purchase it starting this week through the brand’s European online store at a reasonable €29.95 (29.19 USD) for a tub of 25 servings in three classic flavors with Lemon, Orange, and Watermelon.