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Wrath promises a stimulant pre-workout like you’ve never felt before

Wrath Pre Workout

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been given looks at the types of formulas we’re getting in Frank “Wrath” McGrath’s upcoming supplement company, Wrath Performance. First, it was the pump-powering capsule formula Pump Capsules, then the more performance-focused Wrath Intra, neither featuring an overly long list of ingredients but reasonable and respectable dosages of reliable compounds.

Wrath Performance continues to share bits and pieces about its upcoming selection of supplements as we are nearing its debut, going down at the end of the month. The latest from the new brand is exactly how many products it is going to have at launch and the types. Originally it was expected to be three, although it turns out there are going to be four, and one of them sounds quite intense.

Alongside Pump Capsules and Intra, Frank “Wrath” McGrath’s Wrath Performance is dropping a standalone creatine monohydrate, and a stimulant pre-workout, and that is the exciting one of the lot. McGrath himself says he prefers his pre-workouts to hit hard, so of course, that is intended to be the case in his competitor from Wrath Performance, going as far as saying, “this is going to be a pre-workout like you’ve never felt before”.

Obviously, that is a bold statement with the mountain of pre-workouts on the market, filled with all types of ingredients and experiences, and many of them designed with an intense, hardcore, high-stimulant approach. We’ll probably get to see the formula for the pre-workout as we get closer to the release of Wrath Performance, which, again, is taking place at the end of the month at