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G Fuel unveils its collaboration with Dragon Ball Z including a flavor inspired by Goku’s Kamehameha

G Fuel X Dragon Ball Z

In precisely two weeks, G Fuel is launching another awesome, authentic collaboration, and not only is it with a hugely popular anime, but this might be its biggest partnership to date. Like a few other supplement companies out there in Olimp, Be Legend, and Mars, G Fuel has teamed up with the legendary Toei Animation and its hit title Dragon Ball Z.

Again, this is something we’ve seen a few supplement companies do, Olimp in Poland actually did a few products in partnership with the anime, including flavors of protein powder, pre-workout, and amino themed around key characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo. The reason we’re saying this is one of G Fuel’s biggest collaborations to date is mostly that it hasn’t come together with Dragon Ball Z for just a single product.

G Fuel and Dragon Ball Z have created a whole series of products, made up of three special edition flavors of the brand’s signature energy and focus supplement, also named G Fuel. The collection consists of a strawberry lychee flavor named Kamehameha, after Goku’s signature energy attack; the creamy sorbet cantaloupe concoction Saiyan Pride; then finally, the Gohan featured Hidden Power, with an arctic citrus taste.

G Fuel X Dragon Ball Z

Each of those flavors has a label design related to the title, with Goku, of course, on the face of Kamehameha, the various Saiyan villains on Saiyan Pride; despite Vegeta eventually becoming an anti-hero, then as mentioned, on Hidden Power, you get Goku’s son Gohan, which is fitting for the name of the flavor and Gohan’s story in the Dragon Ball Z series.

G Fuel is launching its massive Dragon Ball Z collaboration on Wednesday the 9th of next month, and in a variety of options. The Saiyan Pride and Hidden Power flavors will be available in individual tubs, while Kamehameha comes in a Collector’s Box with a shaker featuring Shenron. There is also going to be the Dragon Ball Z Collection Bundle, which has a full-size tub of each of the three flavors and the Shenron shaker bottle.

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