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Natural Body makes it cheaper to try all three flavors of Legendary’s Protein Sweet Roll

Legendary Foods Protein Sweet Roll Singles

Completely new and delicious functional foods are always fun, as it’s difficult not to be intrigued by something that’s different and you haven’t seen before. Legendary Foods’ latest innovation is precisely that, with the brand taking the classic sweet roll and turning it into a protein-packed treat. Legendary’s Protein Sweet Roll features that classic sweet roll build in a soft bun and tasty frosting but with 20g of protein and only 190 to 220 calories.

Legendary Foods debuted its one-of-a-kind protein snack through its own online store earlier this month at $32.99 for a pack of ten in any of its three mouthwatering flavors; Chocolate, Wild Berry, and Cinnamon. The trick with new functional foods is you may not want to grab a whole box or bulk amount on the off chance you don’t like it from the first bite, then you’re left with 11 or so pieces that you’re never going to touch.

If you’re like us and prefer the freedom of a variety pack or purchasing protein products individually, and you shop online, Natural Body has you covered. The reputable retailer is one of the rare ones that sells snacks and treats singularly on its website. Legendary Foods Protein Sweet Roll was just added, and now you can grab it at $3.99 a piece, working out to $12 for all three flavors to find out how good the high-protein sweet roll is and which options you enjoy.