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Creative MetaLab reveals its baking mix for protein-packed pancakes

Metalab High Protein Pancake Mix

Standout South African sports nutrition brand MetaLab, has announced its first new product in quite some time, and it is a bit of a surprise, as it’s not something we would’ve guessed we’d see from the brand. Said to be launching soon in MetaLab’s home country of South Africa is High Protein Pancake Mix, and it is precisely that, a powder supplement for you to make high-protein pancakes.

You can see what MetaLab’s self-explanatory High Protein Pancake Mix looks like in the image above, and like most of the supplements it has on the market, it features an awesome, eye-catching label design. The details we know about on the inside are it has no added sugar, a low one gram of fat per serving, no mention of how much protein there is, and a relatively high calorie count of 361.

Compared to other high-protein pancake mixes we’ve seen, those calories are extremely high, although we’d need to see the rest of the product’s nutrition profile before completely passing judgment. MetaLab does make it fairly easy to use its High Protein Pancake Mix, as all you need to do is combine the powder with water, shake, then pour it into a pan like you would regular pancake batter.

Once again, MetaLab is planning to launch its High Protein Pancake Mix sometime soon through its online store at, and it looks as though it’ll have only the one flavor to choose from called Original.

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