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Cookies ‘N Cream doubles the menu of Misfits Protein Cereal in five months

Misfits Protein Cereal Cookies N Cream

Misfits stepped outside of its familiar format this year, introducing plant-powered Misfits Protein Cereal. It is a puff-style breakfast cereal with 14g of protein per serving, 3.8g of fat, 5g of net carbohydrates with under a gram of sugar, and 151 calories. The nutrition profile is leaner but not far off the brand’s signature Misfits Protein Bar, and it launched in two flavors Chocolate and Cinnamon.

Misfits followed its Chocolate and Cinnamon flavors of Misfits Protein Cereal with a Chocolate Caramel not too long after the product’s debut, and this week it has yet another addition to its menu. Doubling the number of tastes fans have to choose from for the crunchy, although not overly flavorful cereal, in its short five months on the market, is the classic two-part flavor, Cookies ‘N Cream.

As always, the place to go to grab the latest from Misfits is its online store, with two boxes at £15 (16.56 USD), which is £7.50 a piece, or £28 (30.91 USD) for four, and that is marginally more cost-effective, but it is a variety bundle with one of each of the product’s four flavors.

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