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Naughty Boy takes the rarely seen transparent approach in its first vegan protein

Naughty Boy Winter Soldier Vegan 100

Naughty Boy said the second coming of its limited edition seasonal Winter Soldier Series would be packed full of supplements, whereas the original line had only a handful at four. Over the past several weeks, the UK-based lifestyle brand has been revealing each of the items making up the Winter Soldier Series for the upcoming season, and today we have yet another.

Following on from the unveiling of Blackout, Carb3, and Winter Soldier editions of Naughty Boy’s Power, SickPump, and Menace, we have details on Vegan 100. This is going to be a protein powder in the highly-anticipated collection, and as you could probably gather by the name, it is plant-based, which is also the brand’s first-ever vegan-friendly protein product.

Naughty Boy’s Winter Soldier Series Vegan 100 will provide 21g of protein per serving coming from a blend of pea, pumpkin, and watermelon seed protein, about 3.5g of fat, just over a gram of carbohydrates, and 115 calories. Interestingly, the brand is taking a transparent approach to the protein, something we don’t see that often, where it tells you how much protein you get from each of its sources rather than just the total.

Vegan 100 is launching soon alongside the rest of Naughty Boy’s impressively extensive Winter Soldier Series, which we suspect there are still more items to be revealed for. The plant-based protein powder will eventually be available in three flavors, all infused with enzymes for better digestion in Sweet Cinnamon, Chocolate Cannoli, and Cocotella Gelato.