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Blue Hawaiian-inspired Slaughter Punch returning for another Halloween at V1 Nutra

V1 Nutra Slaughter Punch V1 Pre Workout

While V1 Nutra is still relatively new and growing, it has been around for more than a year, and in 2021 it made Halloween a bit more exciting fans by releasing a special edition flavor. Those that have been following the brand will remember the drop, which was a taste called Slaughter Punch, and it was put together for V1 Nutra’s recently revamped stimulant-powered and balanced V1 Pre-Workout.

On Saturday of next week, right before Halloween, V1 Nutra is bringing back that original limited flavor Slaughter Punch, but of course, in its new and improved V1 Pre-Workout 3.0. The brand has also said that while Slaughter Punch has remained a Blue Hawaiian-inspired taste, combining the features of the original cocktail, overall, it is an improved experience, so new even for fans that had last year’s version.

Again, V1 Nutra is launching its return of Slaughter Punch V1 Pre-Workout on Saturday of next week, two days out from Halloween, alongside the highly-anticipated debut of the sequel to the brand’s pump pre-workout Nitrum 2.0. Unlike the reformulated Nitrum, Slaughter Punch is a limited time launch and is not going to be around for long, with the brand only producing 500 units of the Halloween-themed flavor.