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Popular products All Day You May and 5150 get stick pack versions

5 Percent Nutrition All Day You May And 5150 Stick Packs

Yesterday we posted about 5% Nutrition’s entry into the growing category of hydration supplements with Hydrate STK, which is packed with ingredients to support hydration, performance, and recovery. Like many other competitors in the space, Hydrate STK comes in convenient, rip-and-serve stick packs, although it turns out that’s not the only stick pack product now in the brand’s lineup.

Alongside Hydrate STK, 5% Nutrition has launched stick-pack versions of its recovery-supporting amino All Day You May and the stimulant-powered pre-workout 5150. You get all of the same key ingredients to drive each supplement’s specific effects and experience, including 6g of BCAAs in All Day You May and a potent 400mg of caffeine in the brand’s highest stimulant pre-workout, 5150.

5% Nutrition’s Black Friday sale is still live and running, where you can get any supplement for as low as half price, so long as you’re purchasing a total of four units of anything. Like Hydrate STK, both the All Day You May and 5150 stick packs come in boxes of ten servings. The former is priced at $29.99 and the latter at $21.99, but again those can drop to half for Black Friday at $15 and $11, respectively.