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Apollon reveals another pharmacist-formulated wellness product this time for kidney health

Apollon Nutrition Kidney Kindness

Apollon Nutrition is mostly known for its powerhouse, packed-out sports nutrition supplements, especially in the category of pre-workouts with the likes of the high-stimulant Assassin, Hooligan, and top-rated Lionheart. Some entries have been added to the brand’s lineup that are a step outside of sports nutrition and in the more health and wellness side with the likes of Liver Lover and premium Collagen.

This week Apollon Nutrition is headed back to that wellness section of supplements in yet another well-put-together product and pharmacist-formulated by co-owner Dr. Marina Samborsky, introducing Kidney Kindness. As you could probably guess, the aim of the supplement is right in the name, with Kidney Kindness designed to comprehensively support kidney health as strongly as Liver Lover does liver health.

Apollon Nutrition Kidney Kindness Label

While health and wellness isn’t the typical type of supplement we get from Apollon Nutrition, it still brings its signature strategy of a loaded list of ingredients and dosages, and you can see that in the facts panel of Kidney Kindness. For overall kidney health, function, and protection, the brand has combined 4g of astragalus, a gram of cranberry fruit, 2g of moringa leaf, 600mg each of grape seed and n-acetyl-l-cysteine, and 300mg of the rarely used andrographis.

Apollon Nutrition has done a great job at building out its selection of sports nutrition supplements in the areas of pre-workout, protein powder, weight loss, and more, and clearly, equally as impressive in health and wellness. Kidney Kindness is another great example of that specialized diversification, adding a strong, and as always, stackable new product to the lineup that is arriving this coming Friday.