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Arms Race ramps up the performance in Vigor Second Edition with elevATP and Senactiv

Arms Race Nutrition Vigor Second Edition

Next week we’re getting the launch of Arms Race Nutrition’s newest flavor series in Apple Pie Moonshine, and it’ll be available for four supplements; Harness, Daily Pump, Vigor, and Replenish. Two of those products will be new and improved sequel versions in the previously released Daily Pump Second Edition, which debuted in the Key West flavor series, and for the first time ever, Vigor Second Edition.

Again, it is next Friday that Arms Race Nutrition is launching its Apple Pie Moonshine collection, and to properly prepare fans, the reputable brand has shared what we’re getting in Vigor Second Edition. Vigor itself is one of the longest-running supplements from Arms Race, one of the first four products it originally brought to market alongside the pre-workouts Harness and Daily Pump, and the amino Replenish.

Arms Race Nutrition is keeping most of the formula the same for Vigor Second Edition, carrying over its 5g of tried and true creatine monohydrate for strength and size, 2g of the performance-powering PeakO2 blend, and 2.5g of betaine. Then to really ramp up the endurance and performance side of Vigor, the brand has added the premium components elevATP at 150mg and Senactiv at a solid 50mg.

Vigor Second Edition will mark the second time Arms Race Nutrition has released an upgraded sequel supplement, and that is a big deal since both Daily Pump and Vigor have gone unchanged since the brand arrived back in 2019. Arms Race is expected to have another unmissable sale available for Black Friday, so when Apple Pie Moonshine arrives, it’ll make it worth purchasing parts of, if not the entire set.