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Six-month-old RTD version of Best Whey welcomes six new flavors to its menu

Atlhetica Nutrition New Best Whey Rtd Flavors

Earlier this year, at the Arnold Sports Festival in Brazil, local brand Athletica Nutrition released a premixed, on-the-go version of its hit protein powder Best Whey. The product is simply referred to as the Best Whey RTD, packing a nutrition profile higher in carbohydrates than the original supplement with 20g of protein per beverage, 12.1g of carbohydrates, no sugar, under a gram of fat, and 134 calories.

Athletica Nutrition launched its Best Whey RTD in just three flavors Chocolate, Café, and Strawberry, and now, about half a year later, it is massively expanding the menu. The brand has dropped six more flavors for the beverage, multiplying its number of options by three, with Cookies & Cream, the classic Brazilian dessert Brigadeiro, Cocoa & Hazelnut, the milky Original, Salted Caramel, and White Chocolate.

When it comes to flavors for any sort of supplement, we like to say the more the merrier, as it allows fans to mix things up and keep it intriguing and interesting. Atlhetica Nutrition is already rolling out its six new options of the Best Whey RTD, and followers should be familiar with those flavors, as they’re all from the large menu of the Best Whey protein powder.