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Dragon Fruit flavor of Thavage dropping in line with Raw’s biggest sale of the year

Dragon Fruit Raw Nutrition Thavage

Fresh off of the release of its quirky, limited-time flavor that is said to taste like winning in Christopher’s Secret Stuff, Raw Nutrition has another flavor for that very same supplement. For those that somehow missed one of the biggest launches of the year, Christopher’s Secret Stuff is a special edition flavor of the brand’s Chris Bumstead Series pre-workout Thavage, featuring an alternative label design.

As mentioned, Raw Nutrition has gone ahead and announced another new flavor for Chris Bumstead’s pre-workout, due to drop right on Black Friday, which is Friday of next week. The busy brand has put a lot of focus and attention on Thavage this year, with Christopher’s Secret Stuff being its fifth flavor extension in nine months, and the next one is about to make that six with a refreshing Dragon Fruit.

The Dragon Fruit Thavage pre-workout is indeed arriving on Black Friday, where Raw Nutrition will be running some sort of promotion; in fact, it’s going as far as saying it is planning its biggest sale of the year. Basically, fans and followers won’t want to miss Black Friday, and they definitely won’t be paying the regular price Thavage price of $49.99 a tub for the new Dragon Fruit.